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Media Inquiries

GPTC wants to respond promptly and completely to news media inquiries. Above all, we want to ensure that the information furnished is accurate.

If you are a member of the news media and have an inquiry concerning any GPTC programs and services, and filming requests, please contact :

Glory Ervin
Administrative Assistant to the General Manager
(219) 885-7555  Ext. 210

All media inquiries to any GPTC employee about agency business, programs and services are required to go through the Office of General Manager first. If you are a reporter or news media representative and will need to contact a GPTC spokesperson after hours or on weekends, please call our information number (219) 884-6100 ext 104 to be connected to the appropriate person. For non-media issues, please call the same number.


All requests for interviews with GPTC employees should be made to the General Manager's Office, (219) 885-7555 We will try to provide a representative who can best address the topic of the interview.

While on GPTC Property

If you want to film, photograph, or interview customers on GPTC property, we encourage you to make your request through the General Manager's Office, (219) 885-7555

When filming (live or taped), taking a still photograph, or conducting interviews while on GPTC property, please allow our customers to enter/leave buses or the surrounding areas without obstruction. Please do not block or restrict the movement of GPTC customers.

Public Meetings

We welcome you to observe meetings of our Board of Directors and several of their committee meetings that are open to the public. You may film and/or record these meetings. We will gladly assist you with placement of cameras and microphones as needed.




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